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They Reminisce is upon us, so we thought it would be nice to introduce you to some of the talented people who made the show possible.  Our goal was to utilize some of the best talent Utah had to offer.  We wanted the choreographers and the dancers to try something new and push the limits of things they’ve done in the past.

They Reminisce is split into 3 Eras that cover 3 important times in Hip Hop’s history.

Era 3 is the “Modern Era“.  Things have come full circle and Hip Hop dance once again finds itself in popular culture.  ABDC and SYTYCD have helped create opportunities for dancers.  As the different styles continue to blend you see a rise in “Hip Hop” Choreography.  The Poppers, Bboys and House dancers have also evolved and changed.  The technical ability has gone up and new music has help create new movement.  [divider]

They Reminisce | UDOUDO

We aspire to inspire


The Utah Urban Dance Organization (U.D.O.) is an established group of professionals, who tour the States with choreography, shows, battles and education.

Founded in 2011, this group has been able to reach masses, through sharing hip-hop dance and culture. The group has an eclectic background, from different dance genres, to different ethnicities, and cultures. As dance professionals, they have all worked in music videos, films, or stage performances with famed credibility. However, the driving force behind U.D.O. is their belief in sharing these opportunities and experiences with Utah. The President of U.D.O. (Micah Clark) is a Utah native, and a key ambassador for this group’s purpose. The group strongly believes that dance, and hip-hop culture is something that can change lives, and is very important in expressing yourselves as people today. They are extremely excited to perform for this show, and be a part of the FIRST authentic, hip-hop driven show in Utah [divider]

They Reminisce | Swagger RangersSWAGGER RANGERS

The Swagger Rangers were born in 2010, when UVU’s best dance crew came about.

Two rangers met for the first time (through other dancers) and created a routine in 5 days that gave them the opportunity to win the competition. They kept dancing after that but were separated for two years
when one of the rangers had to go on a secret mission to the foreign land of Brazil.After two years the swagger rangers were back and decided to recruit more rangers! Now we are 5 total. Pj GutierrezJerrica QuintonAlex FuchsMadison MurdockChan (Jasmine is subbing for Chan for the show)

Alex Fuchs states “I really enjoy this show because during the whole show it is one big story. Instead of just having one act, and then another, it’s like one on going act that has a fantastic story explaining how hip hop came about. It has some of the best talent we have seen in Utah and is just an overall great show.”


They Reminisce | Hip Hop | Kaleena ChungHIP HOP

Kaleena Chung


Kaleena was born and raised in Salt Lake City. She has a deep passion and desire for all creative and expressive arts. She is currently working as a graphic designer, freelancer, dancer, dreamer, sister, and daughter.

As a child, she has always enjoyed dancing as entertainment. It was not until the summer of 2009 where she discovered House dancing and Salt Lake’s local dance scene where she began to take things more seriously. She began to discover the many different styles, such as Locking, Waacking, Popping,

New Jack, Breaking, etc., taking as many different classes and workshops from as many great teachers as she could (such as Scoo B Doo, Popping John, Brian Green, Buddha Stretch & Kumari Suraj to name a few). Learning about the history and culture of Hip Hop and of Urban Dance has been the most rewarding thing. It has opened her eyes on so many different levels within dance as well as her own personal outlook on life.

The entire experience and journey through dance has been so humbling and life-changing, whether it is the thrill of entering a battle or just the pleasurable experience of traveling and meeting people from around the world at different jams. Through all the different dance styles she’s partaken in, House has still given her the most freedom spiritually. To be able to free your mind, soul, and spirit amidst the rhythm and groove of the music is such a beautiful connection. The core essence of all of dance should essentially be about this connection.

Kaleena believes They Reminisce will be an amazing show that is both entertaining and insightful. It is different than any other conventional show she has been involved with because of the fact that the show emphasizes knowledge and history through educating and guiding the audience through the true evolution of hip hop–all within one entertaining show.

Stay humbled. Each one Teach one.[divider]

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