In the last four decades, Hip Hop has become one of the largest subcultures on the planet. Each new generation faces the challenge of doing something new and moving the culture forward. Experience Hip Hop’s Dance, Music, Fashion and Culture as you one crew learns what it means to be a part of Hip Hop.

T hey Reminisce brings together some of Utah’s most talented Choreographers & Dancers.  Through an original story and unique cast of characters, audience members will learn about Hip Hop’s history and culture.  Our goal was to create a story that showcases Hip Hop and our local community, while providing a unique and exciting show for everyone.  The result is an immersive experience from start to finish.  Get your tickets today!

Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center
138 West 300 South Salt Lake City, UT 84101


Cypher | 6:30 pm
Curtain | 8:00 pm


Cypher | 3:30 pm
Curtain | 5:00 pm
Cypher | 6:30 pm
Curtain | 8:00 pm

They Reminisce 2024 takes a look at Hip Hop’s past through three distinct eras of dance, music, fashion and culture. Join us as we take a look at how Hip Hop was created and influenced over the last 50 years! Hip Hop’s story begins in the Bronx in 1963 when completion of The Cross-Bronx Expressway cuts the Bronx off from the rest of New York. This brings swift decline and ushers in an era of arson and gang violence. It’s during this time, in 1967, that Clive Campbell ( DJ KOOL HERC ) moves to the Bronx and begins to DJ.


Open Cyphers before each show

Come enjoy some music, vendors and activities before doors open

Hip Hop culture was birthed by Black and Latino communities as a response to the social and economic oppression they were feeling at the time. And while they were laying the foundations of Hip Hop, Black Gay and Trans communities were pioneering new sounds and dances of their own. It’s during this time in the 60’s and 70 that dances like Punking and House begin to take shape.


The Journey Continues

Come see us Sept 13 + 14

How do you respect the past while still creating something new? Today’s generation takes everything that has come before them and thanks to the internet and social media, they have the ability to connect to cultures and communities from all over the world.

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