“1520 Arts is a non-profit organization that showcases Hip Hop Arts as a viable path to success through practice, performance and education.”

We strive to promote Hip Hop as a respected and legitimate art form.

T he focus of 1520 ARTS is to help grow the Hip Hop community in Utah while providing local youth with an opportunity to develop their skills. This is done through competitions, workshops, performances and education. The ultimate goal is to provide members of our community with a chance to learn, work and create while exposing our local Hip Hop community to people from all over the country. By providing a forum to unite Hip Hop artists and their families in passion for their art, participants in 1520 Arts are inspired to succeed not only on the dance floor, but in life itself.

2019 Programs & Goals

2019 2019 marks the 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY for The Bboy Federation and we have some big changes in store!  First off we will now be known as 1520 ARTS. But why?!  Over the last decade we have grown from a few people throwing events into a full blown non-profit with wealth of programs that stretch across many disciplines.  We felt it was time to update the name to better represent where we are now.  1520 Sedgwick Ave. in the Bronx is an iconic Hip Hop location.  It represents more than just the dance and serves as a reminder of what Hip Hop could become.  We are excited to pay homage to this historic location while continuing to uphold the ideals of the culture as we move forward.

So what changes?  In short, nothing.  1520 Arts will continue to bring high quality Hip Hop programs to youth and adults all over the state of Utah.  This will be done through four main initiatives; The HERC, They Reminisce, 1520 Events and Community Outreach.  2019 will see the return of They Reminisce and the 1520 Art Show.  You will also see expanded programming at The HERC, including more classes, courses and after school options.  You will also see us providing more educational art and dance programs to youth in hard to reach communities.  Finally, you can catch us at events like the Utah Arts Festival or at SLC’s Freestyle Session qualifier


J ames “Pyro” Karren and Joshua “Text” Perkins began throwing events in 2008.  From 2006-2008 the bboy scene in Utah had seen a sharp decline.  Many of the older dancers were perusing other life goals and there was a lack of young talent to take their place.  The Bboy Federation initially started as a series of events called the X-Series.  Pyro and Text used this event to set up exhibitions for both younger and seasoned dancers.  This was done with the hope of putting a little more energy into the scene.  It worked and it worked well.  By 2009 Pyro & Text decided that the scene was ready for a little more.  They had been approached to do a league style competition by an out of state organization.  The deal for that league ultimately fell through, but the idea had already been put it motion.  The two decided to trim the fat from the league and restructure it so that it benefited the scene.  They wanted to create something that provided good events for dances and something that is cost effective for a young scene.  2009 marked the first year of the league and brought with it the name The Bboy Federation.  In 2012, The Bboy Federation was awarded 510c3 non-profit status and began to expand it’s programs.  This included the creation of after school programs (2013), a stage production called They Reminisce (2014) and a full time facility called The HERC (2016).   Now in its 10th year, The BBoy Federation has become 1520 Arts!

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