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They Reminisce is just around the corner, so we thought it would be nice to introduce you to some of the talented people who made the show possible.  Our goal was to utilize some of the best talent Utah had to offer.  We wanted the choreographers and the dancers to try something new and push the limits of things they’ve done in the past.

They Reminisce is split into 3 Eras that cover 3 important times in Hip Hop’s history.

Era 2 is the “Golden Era“.  During this time (the 1990’s) Bboying was joined by “Funk Style” dances such as Popping & Locking.  House from the late 80’s and New Jack Swing also began mixing with Hip Hop.  Each of these dances would grown and change as they exchanged ideas to the groove of the music.  [divider]

They Reminisce | Popper Nosy-TTHE POPPER

Tyson Smalls (Nosy-T)

I was in 6th grade when my friend Riley showed me a very flawless moonwalk out of nowhere that I begged him to teach me.

My interest in the moonwalk led me to MJ himself which sparked a fuse for my dance. Mikes movement helped me develop a really basic foundation of how to move yourself to music or dance.

It wasn’t until watching “Channel 1 News” at school in 8th  that I was turned back on to popping. There was a legendary starburst commercial where some bboys are jamming in a parking garage, one of the dancers is about get in the cypher when another dancers flips the music on him to slow string classical music. Without missing a beat the dancer does the most liquid arm and body wave I had ever seen. That commercial mixed with the viral David Elsewhere video and my knowledge of MJ’s moves, threw me back into the animation world of popping.

The culture that I’ve become a part of has been soooo dramatically stretched and skewed for the sake of money.  

There is so much to “hip hop” that people don’t care to take the time look into. I think this show will break new ground primarily because its shining a light into the attic of what the world now calls hip hop. Before hip hop was just a genre on the radio featuring any slightly African American brain dead opinionated nobody behind a mic. It was all about the party and the dancing how mc made the crowd hype. Spreading your rep with freshest cuts on your tables or crazy works of art on boxcars or overpasses. I can never get enough of the real deal with hip hop. This show is gonna be amazing. [divider]

They Reminisce | House | ChachoTHE HOUSE DANCER

Chris Valdez (Chacho)

I have trained for 13 years in Bboying and 7 years in house and other styles within the hip hop culture. Originally, I started with capoeira. Marlon (havikoro) and Frankie Flave (at the time LA breakers but they are now style elements crew) were my first legit bboy teachers in a 3 day workshop. House dance I taught myself through documentaries and research on the web. Wasn’t until later that I got proper house training.

I don’t dance to make a career out of it. I dance as a way to express myself and share some of my experiences.

Before I found dance I was shy. Dancing gave me a voice that I didn’t have growing up; this is why they call me “Muchacho the Mute”. I am more confident because of dance. My goal is to share that experience with others. Give back what this dance and culture has given me.

For me the difference in this show compared to ones I have been in, is that it is educational, has a timeline, a theme and everyone on board has something to bring to the table. I feel you can capture an audience more by telling stories. I have enjoyed being a part of this process to help make this show come together.[divider]

They Reminisce | New Jack | MarcNEW JACK SWING

Marc Alexanda (Big Chocolate)

Marc Alexanda is a dynamic individual who had no formal training until the age of 21 but had a huge passion and desire to achieve. Using his Passion, Marc went on to qualify as an IDTA freestyle Jazz teacher, picking up Salsa and Rock and Roll along The way. His heart however, lay firmly in his roots as a street dancer and soon he began setting about choreographing and pushing the boundaries of his dancing potential in Hip-Hop, it’s culture, and it’s art. Hip-Hop OG’s would come to the UK, and Marc was always there to learn. This work ethic, resulted in choreographing and winning various Jazz championships in the UK for 5 years in a row, and major Hip-Hop competitions across the World, with a traveling crew of dancers.

He has toured in a Michael Jackson tribute act, across England, and has also shown a variety in creativity and skills, through acting, and singing, in addition to his dancing prowess.

Workshops also became a huge part of Marc’s success. He has taught in many different countries and States, and continues to do so as a member of Utah Urban Dance Organization (U.D.O.).In this, he has found his home, and his platform to continue sharing dance, and it’s art with everyone.

I’d like to license my music to TV shows and movies. That’s the big goal for the next year.

‘They Reminisce’ has been an exciting opportunity for Marc to work on. Being able to work with other Hip-Hop professionals from Utah, has been an honor for him. By staying true to the art and culture of Hip-Hop, while having fun and educating, it really feels like this kind of show is a great way to give back![divider]

ERA   3 Coming soon.

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