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Break-&-Destroy-SLC 2014


Break & Destroy Tour 2014

March 31, 2014 the Break and Destroy Tour came to Salt Lake City. Bringing 3 well-known, respected and talented bboys to host a workshop for our local dancers; Skill Brat Renegades very own, Kid David, Casper and Luigi.  All 3 of these bboys are known for winning battles around the world but their credits also include: Step up 3D, Step Up 5, Battle of the Year, Kickin’ it old Skool, and Justin Bieber’s Believe.[divider]

Kid David

Each one of these bboys had about 45  minutes to teach a segment that they excel at. Kid David started first, teaching a choreographed Top Rock set. He would stress the fact, that a lot of gigs involve choreo. Although using basic moves, the quick counts and being in sync with everyone made it a challenge for a lot of dancers.

Break-&-Destroy-2014 | Workshop


Bboy Luigi was up next. He went over some blow ups moves, and get downs. (Meaning; explosive moves that captures your attention and then going from top rock to the footwork.) Showed everyone a blow up move that would bring you into the cypher or onto the floor of a battle, he then gathered up the dancers into a large circle (being 40 + dancers) and made each one individual go in and do this move.[divider]


After a small break, it was Bboy Casper’s turn to teach. He went over footwork and speed.  He took everyone back to basics. Went over how important foundation is and the cleanliness of it. If you’re doing a move, hit it hard and clean.[divider]

Before finishing the workshop, they gathered everyone up and allowed anyone to ask questions. Getting to know more about them, I learned that their overall message was about the love of the dance. These boys love what they do. They talked about how their passion is not just for Bboying, but for learning, growing and improving within this dance world; be whatever form of dance (or art form) you do. Watching the 3 of them all sitting next to each other, you could tell that they have lived, worked, traveled and grown together. They play off of each other and finish’s each others sentences. They were fun, and had a great view on this dance we are all passionate about. Not only did we all learn new moves, or how to practice, we learned that having fun and your state of mind will help you grow as well.

Overall, it was a fun and educational experience. We are grateful they were able to include Salt Lake City in their travels, and we hope they enjoyed their time here as well.


Break-&-Destroy-2014 | Group


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