SLC Comic Con | FanX 2014

photo (58)This blog is my recap of the Fed’s experience at the 2014 spring Comic Con. We had a booth there all 3 days and an evening performance each night. 2 of our kids, Ben and Alonzo, worked the booth with me 10 hours each day.  Although the days were long, the three of us had an extremely fun time throughout the weekend.

DSC_0513 The Booth

Wednesday was set up. We dropped off all of our items at our booth. We were all ready to go and looking forward to a crazy but fun next few days. Ben and I arrived about an hour before VIP doors open on Thursday. Just as we finished setting up, we were told we were being moved…again. A few volunteers saw what was happening and helped us quickly move and reset. I am extremely grateful to these few people. They moved us next to a few booths that had not shown up. As the day moved on, we were lucky enough to be able to combined 2 of the booths so we could a DJ and have some room to dance. This made the rest of the weekend really fun. I was also able to get UDO their own booth on the other side of us.
This week was spring break for a lot of our younger dancers, so they came during the day to wander around the Con. Once we got music set up at our booth, the dancers just naturally formed a circle and danced a few times throughout the day. We even got to chill with Tadd and Gev; our close friends from SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE. The crowd, as usual, loved watching the boys spin around on the floor. During the times they were not dancing at our booth, Ben and I would talk to some attendees and even got a few Cosplayers to take pictures with us and our clothing. We became close with R2D2 and he would stroll over quite often. I personally loved this.


The Performance

In the evenings, more dancers arrived and would cypher as a warm-up to our performance. The first night, there was some confusion on which stage we were to be one and we ended up on the stage without the dance floor. The guys, knowing how to just go with it, still put on an amazing performance. Friday and Saturday’s performance was on the correct stage with the dance floor and we were able to gather a large crowd. With performances by UDO and Swagger Rangers; The Bboy Federation’s overall show was a huge hit in the Kid Con area.

A Quick Thank You


to everyone at Kid Con and especially, James, Roxy and Ro for all their support and assistance throughout the craziness of a convention. In general, we had a fun experience at SLC Comic Con. Made some new friends, (both human and android) and helped create more awareness about the Fed. Oh, and I almost forgot, we created Fed exclusive Comic Con kid shirts. We still have a few left, check our SHOP for available sizes.10246187_244004955785038_1478943787_n

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