They Reminisce: A Hip Hop Art Show | The Artists Pt. 1

W e are getting close to the opening night They Reminisce | A Hip Hop Art Show. As we approach, I wanted to get to know the artists a bit better. Here is just a brief description of a few of our artists, and some examples of their work. They Reminisce; Art Show will be held December 6th at Studio Elven 435 W. 400 S.  Suite 304, Salt Lake City Utah 84101. Doors open at 7:30pm and it will run until 10:30pm.

Chris “Monkee” Owens

A s many of you know, Chris “Monkee” Owens is our Art Director here at the Bboy Federation. He is an extremely creative individual, whom we rely on not only for our clothing line, but to add a creative aspect to everything we do.

Chris has been creating art  for over 15 years. Being an illustrator, his main focus is on characters; like the Bboy Fed Character we all love so much. He also translates his ability with illustration into different mediums  such as acrylics, pens, markers, cans, dried macaroni, digital, etc.

I was hooked instantly like a cat to a laser pointer. Thus began my uphill struggle to become an amazing Bboy from Utah. Long answer short….. I BREAK PERIOD.

Growing up Chris was interested in Ballet but decided that was not the route for him. Realizing he could not wear tights in public, he began searching for another way to express himself.  After seeing some bboys at the local community center Chris’s desire to dance became more clear, except this time it wasChris Owens: Peter Panmore of an aggressive style.

Not only is Chris an amazing Bboy from Utah, but he is a major part of the growth with in the Bboy and Hip Hop scene here. Chris will be displaying a handful of pieces at the Hip Hop Art Show, December 6th. If you have questions or would like to contact Chris Owens please comment below or email [email protected].


Kaleena Chung

W e are also extremely pleased to have Kaleena Chung display her work at They Reminisce | A Hip Hop Art Show. Kaleena is an exceptionally talented dancer, designer and artist. She is extremely enthusiastic about learning and exploring the local culture. Any thing thing she does shows her passion, creativity and love for Hip Hip and all of its arts.

I started because [art] gives me the ability to escape from the rest of the world to really live in the present time.


Kaleena started drawing at a young age. Growing up she explored different mediums, such as painting and design. Being as creative as she is, she is always trying new options, and pushing her boundaries.

Come out and enjoy this escape with Kaleena during the Art Show. She will be presenting numerous pieces of art and will be able to talk about them and other works of art she has done. For more information about Kaleena Chung please comment below or visit


Natalie Keys

N ow, many of you may know Natalie Keys as the owner, creator and  designer of Funkeys. Before she ever started her company, she started as an artist. Natalie started young, not only in art but in business as well. She told me that she use to sell princess drawings for a quarter in kindergarten. She’s known what she wants for a long time. Growing up in a small town where supplies were limited, which made her medium always changing; drawing and painting.

I fell in love with Hip Hop first through speakers, then through the movement.

269736_10150313500027429_7380908_nAlong side art, Natalie is also a director/ owner of Vibe Performing Arts. Starting her dance career young, apart of the Fresh Breakers Inc. (FBI) bboy crew since she was 14, then growing to love and practice Locking as well as Popping dance styles. These 3 Hip Hop styles started her love in the urban style dance scene here in Utah. Loving the Hip Hop culture, Natalie is inspired by fashion, art, and its music. Knowing how much of her life revolves around Hip Hop, you can see why we asked her to display her artwork during the art show. For more information about Natalie, her art or Funkeys please comment below, or visit



Chandara “DJ Chu” Chuon

L ast but definitely not least on this first post on our featured artists, is Chandara “DJ Chu” Chuon. Chu has been DJing here for over 15 years. Recently DJing events at Zest, like 80’s night, Get FRESH, and Zombie Prom.

Gorilla_T_ColoringChu originally started bboying after growing up listening to Hip Hop. Being an artist his whole life, Chu uses pencil, ink, paint and digital mediums. He will be presenting these talented pieces during the art show.

Knowing his history in the Hip Hop scene, we are all eager to see what thrilling pieces he brings to this exhibit. To get in touch with DJ Chu, please comment below or email [email protected].


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