L ast week, I was able to learn a little history about a few of our featured artists who are joining us for They Reminisce; Art Show ; Chris, Kaleena, Natalie and DJ Chu.  This week I was able to get in touch with a couple more of the artists displaying their work  December 6th, at Studio Elven 435 W. 400 S. Suite 304, Salt Lake City Utah, 84101. Doors open at 7:30pm and it will run until 10:30pm.

Dusk Raps

D usk has been in the Hip Hop here scene here in Salt Lake for years. As a rapper, he has performed all around the valley in places such as The Hotel, Killby Court and Bar Delux. Over the past few years aside from rapping he also occasionally makes beats as well. Dusk also just released a new track; “Jaws Jenkins”, produced by Piccolo of the Dine Krew.

Already being a part of the Hip Hop scene in music, and working at Uprok , being an artist almost seems like a must. Dusk has been a lifelong artist with mixed media painting. He started creating art with cartoons, skateboard graphics, graffiti and even album covers.

These and other styles that I associate with Hip Hop is what got me started”

Dusk Raps | ArtThis is not Dusk’s first Art Show, displaying some of his work at Uprok Records and The Hotel. Join us December 6th to see some of his new work. To contact Dusk, please comment below or visit



Sid “Vicious” Christiaens

T hose of you who attended the Bboy Federation’s 5th Anniversary battle have already seen some of Sid’s art work. He created the Hats given to the 1st place winners.  He is an accomplished artist who has been practicing for over 25 years now. He started in the 4th grade after seeing a friend draw monster trucks, they looked like they were “jumping right off the page and coming straight at you.” Drawing names for friends in grade school soon turned into murals in high school which turned into tags and graffiti. This in turn ended in some fines and jail time.

While I was introduced to Hip Hop through graff, I also quickly fell in love with Bboying.

Sid Christiaens | Art

He started in 801K Crew with a tag line of ‘you better be ready to retire if you wanna battle us!’ Later Sid represented F-Krew for Funksion’s Hip Hop Shop in sugarhouse and is now currently a member of Killa Gorillas crew.

Sid has been in SLC for over 30 years and is proud to consider himself a member of this diverse and talented Hip Hop community. Knowing Sid’s canvas varies, I am excited to see what he brings to the Art Show December 6th. If you would like to contact Sid, please comment below or email [email protected]. You may also find some of Sid’s current work on Amazon or Esty, under “SidViciousAirbrush”

Chris “Chacho” Valdez

W ho we all know and love as just Chacho. When I first met Chacho, I knew him as Bboy  Muchacho the Mute. If any of you have ever had a conversation with Chacho, first off I’m impressed; second you understand where he got that name. Chacho is maybe one of the quietest guys I know, but beneath that quiet exterior is a very creative and expressive person. Chacho once told me once that Bboying gave him a voice.

Ever since I found this culture I have never stopped expressing what the music makes me do.

Growing up in the Golden Era of music, Chacho’s parents would listen to artists such as Guy, LL Cool J, Tony! Toni! Tone!, so naturally music is what connects him to the culture. “I love to boogie” Chacho is an extremely creative individual whether it is through dance, art or just in life itself.

Chris "Chacho" Valdez | ArtLoving the challenge of creation, Chacho found at a young age he could bring his imagination to life. He has been drawing since he could pick up a pencil, but never took it seriously until after high school. Not knowing what to do, he got a job as a graphic design artist at Schmidt Signs and now has been there for nine years. Chacho creates through many different mediums as to not constrict the creative process. During the show he

Although, Chacho is extremely quiet, he loves to teach and share his knowledge and love for this culture. Please join us December 6th to see what he brings to the Art Show. To contact Chacho please comment below or email [email protected].


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