Thank you 2015


2015 was an exciting year for the Fed and there were some major changes to our mission.  We have come very far in the short time we’ve been an organization. Overall, I can say with great confidence that we are moving in the right direction and slowly achieving our goals.

A few things from 2015

They Reminisce Cast pic 2015

We put on our 2nd annual stage performance of They Reminisce. We were able to add to our first year program and create a fun and energetic performance that took you on a journey through the history of Hip Hop. This is a stimulating event for us; being able to put together a stage performance that not only shows you dance styles but provides education about the culture and history.

Our next big moment was performing for our 5th year in a row at the Utah Arts Festival. Not only did we have battles every night, but we also had some of our dancers on UAF’s promotional advertising. It was compelling to see ourselves on billboards, programs and buses around town alongside other well know artists from Utah.

2015 also found us hosting the 5th season of our 3 v 3 Bboy League. As some of you may know, this is the battle that started it all and created the Bboy Federation. The league is held for several months where all the crews battle down to one victor. As is our tradition, the winning crew receives plane tickets anywhere in the U.S. This event pushes our dancers to grow and gain experience within the local community as well as out of state.

SLC Comic Con – Villains vs. Heroes 2015

We were invited back to perform for the 5th time at SLC Comic Con. This year we were on stage for the cosplay contest. We even collaborated with Mask Costumes so the dancers could battle as Villains vs. Heroes. Then we walked over to the VIP after-party at Sky Bar. We performed a few times and just cyphered with the other patrons throughout the night, still in costume, making it a very eventful night.

Nearing the end of the year, we hosted our 2nd annual Art Show. This year though, we re-branded and created “1520.” The 1520 name will represent our Hip Hop community in an educational way. Everything we do, we try and add in some education and history, but 1520 is meant to help grow our community and introduce our culture into the arts community.

This being the case, we also held 1520 workshops. This is the first time we invited three legends out here to SLC. Ken Swift, Poe 1, and Boogaloo Sam. All 3 have had a huge influence on Hip Hop and created much of the foundation which we follow. Attending these workshops, participants learned moves, practice techniques, and history. Listening to their experiences and knowledge was not only educational, but very influential.

BYU & South Salt Lake After School

In October, The Bboy Federation began teaching at seven different “after school” programs. This will continue for the next three years! Our dancers, DJs and artists will teach hour classes to the students that have signed up. We have put together a curriculum that encourages students to advance as well as experience a fun athletic activity to enjoy after a long day of school. Because of grant money for this program, we have our first full time employee and several part-time teachers. This is a monumental stepping stone for us and definitely moving us towards creating our own after school program and Community Center.

Finally, teaching a one credit course; Dance 245 at BYU has been a new experience for us. Although we have taught classes and workshops before, this time we will be teaching a one credit course! We put together a curriculum that covers the history of bboying, popping and house dance while teaching moves and their context. We had an amazing turn out and can’t wait to continue and expand this course.

We had countless programs, events and activities this year, and remarkable partners to work with and grow. A special thanks to ZAP, South Salt Lake and the SLC Arts Counsel for constantly assisting us in our effort to grow.

May 2016 be as fruitful.


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