Hip Hop on a Corner

[doptg id=”2″] ast week, we learned about how records came to be and who created the mixer and why it was created. This week, I would like to explore the history of cassette tapes, [...]

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DJ SOULRANE is a Chicago born, now Vegas native DJ.  Him and BZB have been two of my favorite DJ’s for a long time we’re happy to finally have him out to Utah.   We’ve met our [...]

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Large Profressor | Key To the City

Alight, made it two weeks in a row writing a music blog.  I’m sitting in the FED office with Monkee and Nosy-T listening to music and remembering how much new music can change your outlook [...]

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John Frusciante | Murderers

It’s been awhile since I wrote a music blog.  Now is probably a good time to get at it again.  Like most bboys I need a soundtrack to my life.  Music has a way of snapping me out of a funk [...]

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Casiokids | Fot I Hose

I came across this track after I’d already posted the power track pack so I figured I’d at least share it.  It’s funny how you come across music.  I heard this track on a random [...]

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