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Hey everyone!  Remember when I used to write these blogs like once a week?  Ya, well I’ve been slacking (obviously).  But we’re back and I have a bunch of new music to share with everyone.  Starting off with DJ T-ROCK & SQUASHY NICE.  I’ve been really into these two for the last few weeks, this track especially.  Not a bboy track you can dance to per-se, but it definitely lives in the hip hop genre.

I couldn’t find too much online as far as info on these too.  DJ T-Rock has a website but the content is a little light.

[blockquote align=”center” cite=””]DJ T-ROCK a.k.a. Travis Lee Eller was born and raised in North Carolina and eventually moved to Atlanta, Georgia in 1993 to hone his skills as a DJ / Producer within the alternative hip hop scene. T-Rock started out as a battle DJ competing and performing in various clubs throughout the city. It wasn’t long before he began making a name for himself and was asked to guest DJ at the local radio stations. In 1998 DJ T-Rock was heavily involved in the “Turntablist” movement and sent a demo tape to legendary hip hop label Bomb Hip Hop Records, Upon hearing the tape label owner Dave Paul asked T-Rock to record an album and thus began his career and addiction to making music! [/blockquote]

Squashy Nice was even harder to find info on.  I did find a Facebook for him though (Joshua Montcalm).  Other than that him and A-D have a Myspace (I know right?)

[blockquote align=”center” cite=””]Squashy Nice and A-D is a Hip-Hop collective that makes you wonder what’s coming next. Equally mixing lighthearted irreverence with serious spiritual themes, the duo draws in the listener with distinct production and introspective rhymes. In the spirit of their forefathers the two continue to share of themselves in order to bring hope to the ears of the masses.[/blockquote] [divider]

Their Bandcamp Page has 3 albums on it that you can download or just listen to.  It’s pretty amazing stuff.  I hope we’ll get to see these to collaborate again in the future, but for now this makes me happy.

Check them out on FACEBOOK as well.



Another one of my favs by the duo

let us know what you think of these guys and their music in the comments.


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