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It’s Friday and I haven’t posted all week.  Well it was my birthday this week so it happens.   Allow me to introduce Aloe Blacc. If you already know him then great, but he’s new to me.  Aloe is another artist in a growing trend that I’ve been noticing.  Namely what seems to be a growing interest in Funk music.  Like it or not, as bboys and dancers many of our musical heroes are dead or not long for this world.  This means there’s no one to create new sounds for us.  It’s looking like this might not be the case.

In the coming week I will be looking at some of these new artists.  Where there coming from and how their music is creating a new genre by bridging the past and the present.  For now enjoy aloe and check out our Funk / Soul / Grooves tracks on the FED Site.

P.S.  How adorable is the kid in the video?

Aloe Blacc

Courtesy of Wikipedia

Blacc first began his music career in 1995 as a rapper with producer Exile in the hip hop duo Emanon. By the end of the 1990s, Blacc was a “Stowaway” on a Lootpack tour in Europe. The duo released six albums in total. This also led to Blacc working with the French Jazz group Jazz Liberatorz.

In 2003, he signed with Stones Throw Records and started a solo career after releasing his album at the end of the 1990’s . He released his debut EP in the same year. He then released a debut album, entitled Shine Through on July 11, 2006. It was released on CDVinyl record and online (on the Stones Throw website).

He later went on to tour across Europe and the U.S. with Emanon. During this time, he also worked on his second solo album, “Good Things”.

In 2009, collaborating with Japanese Hip Hop Producer Cradle, calling themselves Bee, he released the album “Open Your Mind” on GoonTrax records.

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