Educated Bboys Part 1: Living the Dream

Here’s a couple statistics you need to think about as you figure out what to do with your future and where bboying fits in.[divider]

.03% of high school basketball players will someday play in the NBA.
.08% of high school football players will someday play in the NFL.
.07% of high school soccer players will someday play in the MLS.
(stats from


Wow. Pretty grim stats if you’re hoping to strike it big in professional sports.

Ok, so you might not play sports. But you work just as hard at bboying as each of the athletes in these sports do. You have put in countless hours on the floor trying to perfect your craft. You’ve entered battles to earn respect and build a name for yourself. You might have even won a few jams and gotten paid. Now you’re sights are set on the big stage, national and international recognition.

Bboy Hong 10 is the equivalent of the NBA’s Kobe Bryant. He is a paid professional with international respect. He can make a living off of bboying. (although he’s getting nowhere near the paychecks Kobe has gotten throughout his career)

But what about you and I? Can we live off of bboying? Maybe. You just might defy the odds, put in your 10,000 hours (Malcom Gladwell says that 10,000 hours of practice is usually what gets someone to reach the professional level of their craft) and be able to live off of bboying. Good for you. But the rest of us need something else to help support us.

This blog is part 1 in a 3-part series about the need for more educated bboys and how to find the balance between bboying and the other part of your life. (you know, the part that actually helps you pay rent)

It is possible to become an accomplished bboy and be educated. A balance can be found and you can be successful at both.

You don’t ¬†necessarily need college to be educated. There are incredible trade schools and apprenticeships available that can help you develop other skill sets aside from bboying. The point is that you need to be developing several skill sets along the way. There are plenty of respected bboys who are graphic designers, computer programmers, DJ’s, photographers etc. etc.

There will come a time when you won’t be able to bboy like you do now. You might suffer an injury or some other set back that will affect your bboying. If you’ve worked hard to develop other skills then you won’t be worrying when your bboying begins to fade.

Quick sidenote: I don’t think the bboys in college or trade schools are better than other bboys. There is no one path we all have to follow. I am merely pointing out that it is possible to get an education (someday have a salary job) and still be a respected bboy.[divider]

Up Next: Educated Bboys part 2: The Future Depends on Business Bboys.[divider]

I want to know what you think about the value of education as it relates to the life of a bboy. Leave a comment below!

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